I’m Adam Neary, and thanks for taking time out of your busy day to hear some of what I have to say.  Please feel free to drop me a note, leave a comment, start a dialog…


I am currently a VP at AlixPartners, a leading turnaround/restructuring firm.  I am working from their NYC office.  Living in NYC is a great, new experience.  I like it much better than London, though I think my heart is still with Boston.

My last role was helping a software start-up in London called Concentra.  I was in charge of their Business Intelligence unit, and in the 18 months while I was out there, we grew from an agile 14-person crew to an agile 64-person crew.  That’s big growth, but we had revenues to match, and pints waiting right outside at the end of most workdays.

Before that, I was a more traditional management consultant at A.T. Kearney.  I had a great experience in their Cambridge, MA, office.  I met my wife there, met my best friend, and learned 90% of the skills I use every day to blow up data, solve problems, and convince.  I was a Manager in their Data Analytics team, a business unit that also grew from about a dozen people when I started to over 50 when I departed.

In what feels like a previous life, I worked at a number of restaurants in Boston, including Fleming’s, which I believe to be a massively under-rated steakhouse.  In my tenure there, I was sort of a Sommelier without that title (any idea how much work it is to become a Sommelier?  Show respect next time you meet one!).  I helped craft a wine list, and I gave blind tastings every Saturday to the broader team so that we all could learn a bit more about the wines we were putting on tables.


hot yoga (particularly baptiste), food, wine, analytics, music, politics, family, consumer internet, and entrepreneurship for entrepreneurship’s sake…

…and I am going to try to write something worth reading about all of the above.  It isn’t as marketable as writing for a niche, but I don’t have ads on this blog, so who cares?

I hope you find what I have to say interesting.